Prayers for Heartbeats

For You created my inmost being, You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, Your works are wonderful.  I know that full well.                                                                      

Ps. 139: 13 and 14

Heartbeats Women’s Center of Denver will be coming to our parking lot the 2nd Monday of each month with their new medical van. They will be there for the pregnant women of the community – conducting medical tests, and examining patients.   We all know their work is needed and is essential for the protection and completion of many pregnancies.  We only want the very best for those babies, those heartbeats. God is all powerful. He knows everything and He is always with us. God is good – always. This is what our hearts’ beats confess - God who created us, loves us. We are His. When our heartbeats with Him,  we are anxiously sent back into the world to take care of His world and His people, protect and preserve life, and share His astonishing Gift of Christ Jesus our Savior.

So please pray with me that day, first of all, for Heartbeats Women’s Center and their staff.  May they stay focused on their mission and always have the strength to persevere.  I am sure they have many challenges and setbacks to deal with during their sessions with their patients.

Let us also remember the pregnant patients that come to Heartbeats.  Many of them could be dealing with many issues that make life hard, without the pregnancy - and now with it – almost too much to bare at times.   We pray for healthy pregnancies and for the strength they will need physically and emotionally during the pregnancies and afterwards.   And, of course, we pray for the beautiful babies who are living in the womb now but will be out in the world soon.

We know God is with them all – workers at Heartbeats, patients and babies.  And as I said above, we have been given the command to protect and preserve life and to share the Good News of Jesus. So, before we close our prayers with thanksgiving and praise to our Father in Heaven for all that He has done and given to us, including His precious baby son at Christmas, our Savior, let us pray for the Spirit to motivate us to do our part to help with Heartbeats, in whatever capacity we are given.  May the Spirit charge us with desire to share the Good News of Jesus with members of our community including pregnant women and children.

I will praise You, O Lord with my whole heart.  Ps. 9:1